How Effective Are Your Marketing Vendors?

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What is a Vendor Assessment?

FREE Vendor Assessment

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What is a Vendor Assessment

A quick service overview.

Let Robert Toler explain what our new service is all about.

We take a deep dive into your analytics to note vendor performance, missed opportunities, questionable practices, misaligned strategies, etc. While measuring ROI is important, there is more to managing vendors properly.

We'll help you understand the most important things to monitor and solutions for your vendor management. Our team is here to help you be successful.

There are many reasons business owners use us.

We like to keep things straightforward, simple, and effective.

Vendor Assessment Process Step 1 icon

1. Schedule Assessment

After answering five initial questions, you'll schedule your free one-time vendor assessment on our Google calendar.
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2. Join Assessment

You'll spend up to 60min. with a CMO jumping through your analytical data. You'll want to know your vendor ROI and Spend prior.
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3. Assessment Report

Your CMO will prepare a vendor assessment (report) that you can use to monitor their performance month-over-month.

Direct Benefits

Reasons companies depend on us.

Improve ROI
We identify inefficiencies and missed opportunities to help you get the most from your vendors.
Reduce Risk
Reduce the risk of continuing with underperforming vendors by providing objective evaluations.
Make Decisions
Gain the knowledge and insight needed to make better marketing decisions.
Edge Forward
Get a competitive advantage by optimizing your marketing vendor relationships before others.

Other Perks:

  • Independent Assessment
  • 1Hr Review via Zoom
  • PDF Report Provided
  • 30% Lifetime Discount
  • No Bullshit
  • No Upselling
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Vendor Calculator

Enter your data to calculate expected ROI.

Vendors We Help With

SEO Vendors

We evaluate your vendor's ability to grow rankings, drive traffic, add content, and make website improvements. We'll assess their performance with Google and other industry leading SEO tools.

PPC Vendors

Our assessment of your PPC vendor(s) focuses on conversion rates, cost per click, ROI, and account management. We'll dive into your paid accounts to assess their performance.

PR Vendors

We assess your PR vendor based on their success in media relations and brand messaging over a period of time. We'll make sure you're tracking these activities and their success properly.

Social Vendors

We scrutinize social vendors for their expertise in audience growth, engagement strategies, and content resonance across platforms. We look at each platform's analytics directly.

Creative Vendors

Our evaluation of your creatives looks at their ability to use effective messaging to help drive sales, time for production, and quality of deliverables. We focus on things we can measure.

Content Vendors

We'll look at the frequency of content being published as well as its quality to make sure the brand and purpose it being fulfilled. We'll also fill in content gaps and insight based on content performance.

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"Robert is talented, detailed-oriented, organized, dependable, and a great leader."
- Peter Nosbisch (Appliance Factory & Mattress Kingdom)
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"Robert is a tremendous leader on all fronts."
- David Davis (Cardinal Concepts)
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"Robert will succeed in any high functioning team that embraces culture as a strategic pillar of its success."
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"I highly recommend Robert as a seasoned and knowledgeable marketing leader who is not afraid to get his hands dirty."
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